Budget and Strategic Planning

The NCUA is committed to full transparency and accountability when comes to its budget and performance in meeting its strategic goals and objectives. The agency regularly provide detailed information on our budget, spending, performance results, and financial management. This underscores the NCUA’s commitment to transparency, accountability and stewardship to the American people, the President of the United States, the United States Congress, and federally insured credit unions and their members.

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Strategic Planning

These multi-year plans outline the NCUA's strategic and performance goals along with the critical factors that affect the achievement of these goals.

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Budget and Supplementary Materials

The NCUA provides detailed information on the agency’s budget including summaries, line item details, and fact sheets about the overhead transfer rate, operating fee, and budget trends.

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Operating Fund Financial Reports

The NCUA Operating Fund is supported by operating fees paid by all federal credit unions and funds our operations.

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Share Insurance Fund Financial Reports

Congress created the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund in 1970 to insure member deposits in federally insured credit unions. The Share Insurance Fund insures individual accounts up to $250,000.

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Central Liquidity Facility Financial Reports

The Central Liquidity Facility improves financial stability by serving as a liquidity lender to credit unions experiencing unusual or unexpected liquidity shortfalls.

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Community Development Revolving Loan Fund Financial Reports

The Community Development Revolving Loan Fund’s purpose is to stimulate economic growth and provide financial services in communities served by low-income credit unions.

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