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Grants and Loans

​​​​​​The Community Development Revolving Loan Fund grant and loan program provides funds to low-income credit unions so that they may extend services to their members and improve credit union operations.

What are Grants?

  • Grants are reimbursable monetary awards provided to support low-income credit unions. There are several funding initiatives under the grant program each year.

What are Loans?

  • The revolving loan fund assists a low-income designated credit union’s efforts in improving members’ financial health and well-being through the availability of loan funds. A credit union may apply for a loan at any time. However, awards are subject to funds availability.

What are the Financial Reports for the Revolving Loan Fund?

  • These reports provide preliminary highlights about the financial performance and awards of the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund. They are preliminary and unaudited.

What is CyberGrants?

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