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Photo: Amber

Supervisory Assistant for Business Innovation
Office of Business Innovation

Why did you choose to work at the NCUA?

I applied for a Credit Union Examiner position approximately six months after graduating from college with a double bachelor degree in Accounting and Business Administration. At the time, I was working for a small CPA firm with limited training and advancement opportunities. The NCUA mission of ensuring a safe and sound credit union system, as well as opportunities to be part of something much bigger than my current role as a junior accountant appealed to me. As an examiner, I would identify regulatory violations, advise on best practices, and work collaboratively with credit unions to resolve concerns to ensure confidence in the credit union system. The NCUA invests in employees with dedicated training and development programs and encourages promotions within the organization. After nearly 20 years with the agency, I know accepting a job with the NCUA was one of the best decisions of my life.

What do you like most about the NCUA?

There are many wonderful things about working for the NCUA. As a small federal agency, the NCUA has a family-like atmosphere and there are many opportunities to work with different regions, offices, and people with diverse backgrounds. Management appreciates and recognizes hard work. The NCUA also supports and acknowledges employees with prior military service and those actively serving as a reservist or in the National Guard.

How does your work experience and background contribute to your success at the NCUA?

The combination of life experience, college degrees, military service, and junior accounting positions held during and after college, as well as NCUA supervisors and mentors have contributed to my successful career. Management recognizes employee strengths and encourages staff to “stretch” and learn new skills. This not only keeps the job exciting, but also provides opportunities for growth.

How would you describe the NCUA culture?

The Business Innovation team prides itself on being a collaborative, fun office to work in. We are responsible for researching and implementing new programs and processes. We value creativity and diverse perspectives as we work with all offices across the NCUA.

To whom would you recommend working at the NCUA?

There is always something exciting happening at the NCUA!  The regulatory environment frequently changes and NCUA’s programs are regularly evaluated and modified. I would encourage anyone who enjoys a career with a changing status quo to apply for positions with the NCUA team.   

What kind of career opportunities are available at the NCUA?

In my nearly twenty years at the NCUA, I have held six different positions, all primarily related to the NCUA’s credit union examination and supervision program. I started as a Credit Union Examiner, a job I believe is one of the most critical positions at the NCUA, and have been promoted to several supervisory roles. In addition to promotions, there are also many opportunities to work on special assignments and lead important initiatives. 

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