CUSO and Economic Data

Searchable CUSO Registry

Users can search the registry for information on credit union service organizations by their name, city, state, zip code, registry number or services. Users can also export the data into Excel, CVS and PDF formats.

CUSOs at a Glance

Published annually, this fact sheet provides key metrics including the levels of credit union investments in credit union service organizations, what percentage of CUSOs are wholly owned by credit unions and the types of services CUSOs provide, among other data.

Credit Union and Bank Interest Rates

Compare the national average rates for 23 common loan and deposit products at banks and credit unions, as well as the average rates for these same products at banks that were once credit unions.

State and City Economic Data

This section contains variety of indicators for unemployment and growth rates for home prices by city and state. The data is presented in a spreadsheet and compressed file format.

NCUA Mortgage Interest Rate Study

A 2020 study by the NCUA’s Office of the Chief Economist finds that many credit union members may be saving thousands of dollars on their mortgages because credit unions have offered lower rates than other financial institutions.

Observations on Credit Unions’ Mortgage Lending to Minority Borrowers

A 2022 analysis of 2020 and 2021 HMDA data by NCUA's Chief Economist finds that, after controlling for a number of credit risk and other factors, many minority credit union borrowers faced higher loan denial rates, and Black and Hispanic credit union borrowers paid higher interest rates than White borrowers.

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