Credit Union Resources and Expansion

The mission of the Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion is to support credit union growth and development. We provide support to low-income, minority, and any credit union seeking assistance with chartering, charter conversions, bylaw amendments, field-of-membership expansion requests and low-income designations. We also provide access to online training and resources, as well as grants and loans through the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund.

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Credit unions can access information on the CDFI-certification and our minority credit union preservation program. Members can also comment on the proposed merger of two credit unions.

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Grants and Loans

The Community Development Revolving Loan Fund grant and loan program provides funds to low-income credit unions so they may develop and provide new products and services to their members.

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Our webinars and online Learning Management Service offer a wealth of educational materials for credit unions of all asset sizes at no cost.

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Field-of-Membership Expansion

Credit unions looking to expand their field of membership can access a wealth of resources, including forms, our Chartering Manual, and information on the low-income designation.

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Starting a New Federal Credit Union

Credit unions need a charter from either the NCUA or a state credit union regulator to operate. Here, we provide information on how to start a federal credit union.

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Credit unions who are interested in voluntarily planning to merge with other federally insured credit unions can access helpful resources and information, including forms and frequently asked questions.

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