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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and enhance privacy protections for all individuals whose personal information is handled by the NCUA, and to promote transparency of agency’s operations involving personal information.

Our Work

NCUA Privacy is responsible for the development and maintenance of privacy policies, procedures, and guidance pertaining to the collection, access, use, dissemination, and storage of personally identifiable information throughout the NCUA.

  • Systems of Records Notices

    A System of Records Notice (SORN) is a publication in the Federal Register that informs the public of the existence of a “system of records” the NCUA is keeping. SORNs describe the type of information collected, why it is being collected, what it may be used for, when it may be disclosed to third parties, how it will be safeguarded, and how and when it will be destroyed.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

    A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is an analysis of how an information system (like a computer program, process, or project) uses personal information. PIAs help identify and limit privacy risks, and serve as additional notice to the public about the NCUA’s activities that may affect individuals’ personal information.
  • Website Privacy Policy

    The website privacy policy explains what information is collected about the NCUA's website visitors automatically and why, and provides additional privacy-related information that may be helpful to website visitors.
  • Privacy Act Statements

    A Privacy Act statement is a notice that must be provided whenever an individual is asked to give personal information to the agency. It explains why the personal information is being requested and how the NCUA will use it.
  • Computer Matching Agreements

    A computer matching agreement is a contract involving a computerized comparison of records for the purpose of establishing or verifying eligibility for, or recouping payments for, a federal benefit program. Some computer matching agreements also relate to federal personnel management matters.
  • Privacy Act Regulations

    As required by the Privacy Act, the NCUA has published regulations implementing the privacy program and detailing the Privacy Record Request process.

How Can We Help You?

  • Privacy Record Requests

    If you would like a copy of the NCUA’s records about you, or if you would like to request an amendment or correction to an NCUA record about you, or if you would like an accounting of the agency’s disclosures of records about you, use our Privacy Request Process to make your request.
  • Privacy Complaints

    If you have concerns about how the NCUA collects, uses, shares, safeguards, or disposes of your personal information, or if you have any other privacy concerns, use our Privacy Complaint Process to file a complaint with our Senior Agency Official for Privacy.
  • Other Resources

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