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Central Liquidity Facility

The National Credit Union Administration Central Liquidity Facility (CLF or Facility) was created by the National Credit Union Central Liquidity Facility Act (12 U.S.C. § 1795). The Facility is a mixed ownership Government corporation within the NCUA. It is an instrument of the Federal Government owned by its member credit unions and managed by the NCUA Board. The purpose of the Facility is to improve the general financial stability by providing member credit unions with a source of loans to meet their liquidity needs and thereby encourage savings, support consumer and mortgage lending, and provide basic financial resources to all segments of the economy.

The CLF was created by Congress in 1979 because credit unions needed their own source of funds to meet their liquidity needs in the same way that the Federal Reserve System discount window provided access to loans for banks. Over time, credit unions have gained access to federal contingent liquidity sources (for example, credit unions who qualify may now borrow from the Federal Reserve discount window), but the CLF continues to be an important back-up source of liquidity for both Federal- and state-chartered credit unions.

Regular membership is voluntary and open to all federal credit unions, federally insured state-chartered credit unions and privately insured credit unions. Please see Operating Circular 20-03 for more information.

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