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Membership Capital Requirement Estimator

The Central Liquidity Facility (CLF) Membership-Capital Requirement Estimator calculates an approximation of the subscribed capital stock requirement needed to fulfill a membership application. The estimate is based on 1) the most recent quarter-end Call Report filing and 2) six months prior to the most recent quarter-end Call Report filing. Note: this estimate will change with each successive quarterly Call Report filing and the computation is an indicative calculation only. The actual application amount due will be verified at the time of an actual membership application by CLF staff. It should also be noted that when an application is made, only one-half of the subscribed capital amount is delivered (or “paid in”) to the CLF. The other half remains on call and is held on the member’s balance sheet in the form of liquid assets.1

To generate a subscribed capital stock estimate, a user must enter the credit union charter number as instructed at the top of the page. The tool utilizes the most recently available validated Call Report data consistent with the statutory timeframes required.

The tool first calculates the arithmetic average of total paid-in and unimpaired capital and surplus, as shown in Appendix C-1 of Operating Circular 20-03. It then multiplies that average by 0.005 to obtain the total subscribed capital amount. Finally, the tool divides the total subscribed capital stock amount by two (and rounds to the nearest dollar) to determine the estimated paid-in capital stock amount due to CLF. The paid-in capital stock amount is shown on line 13.

This tool is an estimate only and is based on the best information currently available to the NCUA. To ensure completeness and accuracy, credit unions should verify that the identifying information and Call Report data shown in the estimator agree with their records. Any omissions or inaccuracies will result in incorrect estimates.

Membership Capital Requirement Estimator

If you have any questions about using the CLF Membership-Capital Requirement Estimator, please email

For more information related to the CLF, visit the CLF website.


1 The subscribed capital stock requirement is set forth in the Federal Credit Union Act (12 USC § 1795(d)) and in NCUA regulations § 725.3(a).

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