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Open Government

​​​​​Welcome to the NCUA’s Open Government page.

The NCUA is committed to being a model corporate citizen. The agency works tirelessly to serve the American people and hold its employees and leaders to the highest standards of conduct, financial management, professionalism and ethics. In addition, the NCUA is committed to being as transparent as possible about its budget, operations and policy. This openness is essential to fulfilling the agency’s statutory mission and maintaining public trust.

Here are the NCUA’s initiatives to increase the public’s awareness of the NCUA’s mission and role in ensuring broader financial stability.

NCUA Office of Ethics Counsel

The NCUA Office of Ethics Counsel (OEC) is responsible for administering the NCUA’s ethics and anti-harassment programs for NCUA employees.

Accessibility, Assistance to Persons with Limited English Proficiency, Exit Statements

Find information about the NCUA's Section 508 Accessibility efforts. The NCUA's Plan to Assist Persons with Limited English Proficiency details the agency’s efforts to provide persons with limited English proficiency meaningful access to the NCUA programs and services as required under Executive Order 13166 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


The NCUA Ombudsman helps with concerns about NCUA regulatory activities, facilitates better stakeholder understanding of agency processes, and assists with informal resolution of complaints/inquiries regarding the supervisory process. The Ombudsman does not have authority to overturn agency decisions.

Plain Writing Act

The Plain Writing Act of 2010 is intended to improve the effectiveness and accountability of federal agencies to the public and promote clearly written government communications that the public can easily understand and use.

Annual Reports​

These reports review the agency’s performance each year and include the audited financial statements for the NCUA’s four funds: the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund the NCUA Operating Fund, the Central Liquidity Facility, and the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund.

NCUA Open Data

The Evidence-Based Policy Making Act of 2018 (Evidence Act) mandates a systematic rethinking of government data management to better facilitate access for evidence-building activities and public consumption.

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