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NCUA Open Data

Evidence-Based Policy Making Act of 2018

The Evidence-Based Policy Making Act of 2018 (Evidence Act) mandates a systematic rethinking of government data management to better facilitate access for evidence-building activities and public consumption. The Evidence Act builds on longstanding principles underlying federal policies and data infrastructure investments supporting information quality, access, protection, and evidence building and use. It accelerates, expands, and reinforces the implementation of many activities underway, including the Federal Data Strategy and Open Data Policy.

Chief Data Officer

In accordance with the Evidence Act, the NCUA designated Amber Gravius, Director of the Office of Business Innovation, as Chief Data Officer.

Enterprise Data Program

The Enterprise Data Program is the principal internal program addressing data management standards, priorities, policies, and practices. The Enterprise Data Program is led by the Chief Data Officer and the Enterprise Data Team, and is supported by the Enterprise Data Governance Council and the agency’s data subject matter experts. These groups collaborate, coordinate, and facilitate implementation of agency-wide data lifecycle management processes and standards. The Chief Data Officer is also integrated in the agency’s senior executive governance processes. NCUA conducted a data maturity assessment in 2020, and has established plans to improve data maturity, and self-service business intelligence capabilities at the agency. Yearly goals associated with these plans are incorporated into NCUA’s annual performance plans.

Open Data Plan

The Evidence Act requires each agency to develop and maintain an Open Data Plan, which, in general, shall describe the agency's efforts to make government data open to the public. The plan shall be updated annually and made publicly available on the agency's website not later than five days after each update.

The Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) forthcoming Phase 2 guidance will provide agencies further guidance necessary to fully implement the Evidence Act's open data plan requirements. The NCUA will provide additional information on the agency’s open data plan following the issuance of the Phase 2 guidance by OMB.

In the interim, the NCUA will prioritize the following activities:

  • Completing an internal inventory of data assets;
  • Identifying Public Data Assets that are consistent with the formats and structure of Open Government Data Assets;
  • Compiling metadata on these Public Data assets as required by the Evidence Act;
  • Publishing a Public Data Inventory at; and
  • Connecting NCUA’s Public Data Inventory to the Federal Data Catalog at

NCUA Data and Analysis

The NCUA data and analysis of the financial condition of the nation’s federally insured credit union system can be found at the NCUA’s analysis page. If you have any comments or feedback on how the NCUA data can better serve the public, please contact

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