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NCUA's Systems of Records Notices

​​A system of records is a group of any records (paper, electronic, or both) under the control of an agency from which information is retrieved by the name of the individual or by some identifying number, symbol, or other identifying particular assigned to the individual.

The Privacy Act requires agencies to publish a System of Records Notice for every system of records that it maintains. A SORN informs the public of the existence of a system of records and describes the type of information collected, why it is being collected, what it may be used for, when it may be disclosed to third parties, how it will be safeguarded, and how and when it will be destroyed.

Below is a list of all of the NCUA's SORNs.

NCUA's Current SORNs

NCUA's Current SORNs
​System ID ​System Name ​Federal Register
​NCUA-1 Personnel Access and Security System 81 FR 12748
​NCUA-2 Grievance Records ​75 FR 41539
​NCUA-3 Payroll Records System ​75 FR 41539
​NCUA-4 Travel Advance and Voucher Information System 75 FR 41539
NCUA-6 ​Emergency Information (Employee) File ​75 FR 41539
​NCUA-8 Investigative Reports Involving Any Crime, Suspected Crime or Suspicious Activity Against a Credit Union 75 FR 41539
​NCUA-9 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests and Invoices ​75 FR 41539
​NCUA-10 Liquidating Credit Union Records 75 FR 41539
​NCUA-11 Office of Inspector General Investigative Records 88 FR 43152
​NCUA-12 Consumer Complaints Against Federal Credit Unions 83 FR 40572
​NCUA-13 Litigation Case Files ​75 FR 41539
​NCUA-15 Contract Employee Pay and Leave Records ​75 FR 41539
​NCUA-16 Leave Transfer and Leave Bank Program Case Files 89 FR 14523
​NCUA-17 Personal Identity Verification Files 75 FR 41539
​NCUA-18 Credit Union Service Organization Registry System 80 FR 45557
​NCUA-19 NCUA Financial and Acquisition Management System​ 81 FR 83281​
​NCUA-20 ​Small Credit Union Learning Center ​81 FR 95201
NCUA-21 NCUA Connect 84 FR 11331
NCUA-22 Examination and Supervision System (ESS) 87 FR 63818
NCUA-23 Mailing, Contact and Other Lists System 86 FR 33780
NCUA-24 Ensuring Workplace Health and Safety in Response to a Public Health Emergency 86 FR 62848
NCUA-25 Reasonable Accommodations Records 87 FR 25678
NCUA-26 Prospective Official Application Records 88 FR 22486
NCUA-27 NCUA General Support System Records 88 FR 22484
NCUA-28 Anti-Harassment Case Tracking and Records 88 FR 37584
NCUA-29 Non-Payroll Employee Administrative Records 88 FR 47920

Government-wide SORNs

Some federal agencies are responsible for systems of records which are applicable government-wide. Those agencies are also responsible for the SORNs for those systems (called "government-wide SORNs"), and agencies that use the systems (such as the NCUA) are responsible for adhering to the government-wide SORNs.

Browse the Government-wide SORNs

NCUA Exemptions to the Privacy Act

The Privacy Act permits federal agencies to exempt individuals systems of records from some of the Act’s accounting, access, and notice requirements, under some circumstances. In other words, if an exemption applies to a system of records, you might not be able to access information in the system of records, and the SORN might not contain all of the information that is normally included in a SORN. However, in order for an agency to use a Privacy Act exemption, it must first publish a final rule in the Federal Register notifying the public of its plans.

The NCUA uses exemptions for four of its systems of records.

Read the NCUA’s Exemptions

Read the NCUA’s final rule in the Federal Register announcing the exemptions

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