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Photo: Gwanda

Credit Union Examiner
Southern Region

What does an average week/day look like for you?

I typically travel to credit unions on Mondays, and travel home on Fridays. There are times where I am away for two weeks and because the NCUA allows for flexible hours, I find myself taking a few days off to regroup. The NCUA encourages employees to balance their own work/life in the best way for them.

How does your experience and background contribute to your success at the NCUA?

My career background includes bookkeeper, tax preparer, internal auditor, staff accountant, and contract compliance officer. My accounting background has proven useful in the field as we perform audits and testing. My accounting background has helped me formulate solid recommendations to management at credit unions. My training as a Certified Fraud Examiner has provided me with the resources and experience to look further than the numbers.

To whom would you recommend working at the NCUA?

Individuals who enjoy working in a team environment with the concept of encouraging, developing, and collaborating with one another will do well at the NCUA. I find it rewarding to work with a team from different backgrounds, nationalities, and work industries, particularly when I am leading the exam. We all bring value from our different perspectives, so a person who wants to work in an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion and values the balance of personal and work life would thrive at the NCUA.

Describe your experience starting out with the agency (training and development/learning the processes, etc.)? 

When I started my career at the NCUA, I was given extensive training and paired with an on-the-job trainer for one year. I was able to get real hands on experience in the field and go to the classroom for additional information. The classroom and field training went hand in hand. I participated in developmental training through temporary assignments in various roles such as analyst, problem case officer, regional information security officer, and liquidation analyst. These opportunities provided insight, networking among various employees, managers and executives, and on-the-job training in areas outside my current position.

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