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Principal Examiner
Southern Region

Why did you choose to work at the NCUA?

Prior to working with NCUA, I worked in a credit union during and after college.  I met the lead examiner of the credit union I worked at prior to coming to NCUA and found this particular individual always positive, well-versed in the operations of a credit union, and promoted working at NCUA.  Shortly after, I attended a career fair at the local university and met NCUA management, who displayed similar traits.  The credit union culture and member service part of the industry is why I sought to remain in credit unions, only taking it a step further by joining NCUA and serving the industry in the capacity of an examiner.

What do you like most about the agency?

I appreciate the flexibility our work schedule provides.  As an examiner, you have a sixteen-hour timeframe you can choose to work within and are responsible for developing your own schedule, while meeting examination/program goals.  This flexible work schedule provides examiners a work/life balance.

Furthermore, as an examiner, you are constantly learning something new.  The financial industry is constantly evolving and changing through technological advances and generational demands.  As an examiner, it is imperative to remain informed of these evolving changes to the types of products and services offered to the membership, ensuring the overall safety and soundness of the credit union.

What advice do you have for new employees?

Become a sponge.  Learn as much as possible and ask as many questions necessary throughout the training process.  New examiners will soon find themselves constantly learning throughout their careers with NCUA.  Training may feel a little overwhelming at first.  However, the training process is impeccable and very effective.  NCUA provides classroom training, to prepare newer examiners with the conceptual knowledge.  Furthermore, new examiners are assigned an on-the-job trainer for practical experience and to apply those conceptual concepts learned in the classroom.  With the on-the-job trainer, the new examiner becomes familiar with the daily roles and responsibilities of an examiner, and, as mentioned above, will have the opportunity to apply the classroom training to the training processes in the field, while conducting credit union examinations alongside the trainer.

To whom would you recommend working at the NCUA?

I would recommend working at NCUA to an individual that enjoys working independently, is self-motivated, appreciates flexible hours (and making your own schedule), enjoys traveling to different locations, and likes learning new things; since the credit union industry is constantly changing and evolving.

Can you describe the support that you receive from management/leadership at the NCUA?

Management is very supportive of the employees at NCUA.  They listen to the needs and concerns of the staff by conducting surveys and responding to these surveys by continuously improving processes.  Management strongly encourages staff development through various training courses, leadership and mentorship programs.  My supervisors consistently support my professional growth, encourage promotional opportunities within the agency, and indirectly took the forms of mentors, encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone.

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