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Photo: Jerry

Regional Information Systems Officer
Western Region

What do you like most about the agency?

The NCUA is a small agency so it can be dynamic and responsive to change, but it is also large enough to provide for opportunities for advancement and career variety.

Also, we ensure the safety and soundness of the credit union industry, which inherently provides us with an opportunity to work with volunteer-based boards and institutions predicated on the idea of service to the communities and membership they serve.

How have you been able to contribute to the NCUA in different capacities?

I am proud to be the president of the Hispanic Employee Resource Group in NCUA called CULTURA, which stands for Creating Unity, Learning To Understand, and Recognizing All. This opportunity to serve as president of the resource group has allowed me to meet many colleagues across the agency while spearheading efforts to increase diversity internally and promote awareness of Hispanic issues in the workplace. It has also been a wonderful opportunity to practice my leadership skills and to learn from a wide variety of employees — from senior executives to office staff.

What advice do you have for new employees?

The NCUA is an environment of continuous change and rapid innovation. We are constantly evolving as an agency and seeking to improve processes internally and for all of our stakeholders. Learning in this agency is a career-long endeavor that requires you to absorb new information. Staying engaged and congenial is necessary, because we engage with fellow NCUA employees, credit unions, and the public on a daily basis.

What is work-life balance like at the NCUA?

NCUA provides employees with many benefits, including flexible start and end times and remote work capabilities. We are a mobile workforce and we leverage mobile technology to maximize our flexibility. I have a lot of flexibility in my work schedule to do things like participate in my daughter’s school activities and other non-work events.

If you have military experience, how has that contributed to your ability to succeed at the NCUA?

I’m a former Marine, so dedication to the mission and my ability to adapt to new and constant change has allowed me to be successful in the NCUA’s examination environment.

Also, there are many other veterans at the agency that have the same commitment to continuing to serve outside of the military. Great camaraderie can be found in the examination teams where you work with the same groups of people in different working environments, which is similar to my military experience.

Can you describe the support that you receive from the leadership at the NCUA?

The NCUA invests lots of time and resources in employee growth. The agency has given me a number of opportunities to develop skills that allowed me to grow as a credit union examiner. For example, after being a generalist examiner, through training and development, I was able to specialize in information security. This development enhanced my technical abilities. My managers are always encouraging me to pursue external training, mentoring, and other opportunities to grow my career potential. 

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