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Photo: Pamela

Attorney Advisor
Office of General Counsel

Why did you decide to work for the NCUA?

I have always been interested in public service.  Working in support of a greater mission is appealing to me and I feel gratification in contributing to the protection of a safe and sound credit union system.  I take pride in my daily accomplishments.  As an attorney, my job is generally a support role toward the NCUA’s mission. Each small, even mundane, task contributes to that greater goal and I believe in trying my best to contribute positively every single day.

How would you describe the NCUA culture?

I think the NCUA’s work culture is very positive, friendly, and collegial.  What I like most about the agency is the people.  Collaborating with such a dedicated group of professionals on a daily basis is a pleasure.  Work-life balance is important and the agency’s culture is very supportive of that balance.  I have young children and my job affords me adequate time and support to ensure a strong, stable family life outside of work. 

Can you describe the support that you receive from management/leadership at the NCUA?

As Special Counsel to the General Counsel, I work most closely with the NCUA Board and General Counsel.  In my experience, the Board provides great leadership and is extremely supportive of staff.  My supervisors and leaders have supported my professional growth and upward trajectory within the agency for many years and have proven to be invaluable mentors to me. The entire management team at the NCUA is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and I am indebted to their exemplary leadership and guidance.

What kind of career opportunities are available at the NCUA?

I firmly believe that any job is what you make of it.  There are a multitude of opportunities available at the NCUA, the key is to take advantage of those opportunities and to continue learning every day.  I have encouraged many young attorneys to consider working at the NCUA and will continue to do so.   

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