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Chairman Speaker Request Form

Please complete and submit this form to request the NCUA Chairman's participation at your upcoming event. For all other speaker requests, please visit the NCUA's Speaker Request Form.

How Speaker Requests are Evaluated

Speaking requests that will require travel from the NCUA headquarters in Alexandria must be submitted a minimum of 90 days in advance for consideration. Internal and external speaking requests that are received less than 4 weeks out from the event date are less likely to be approved.

The NCUA Blackout Periods

Please note that, generally, NCUA staff members do not speak publicly during the week of an NCUA Board Meeting, which typically take place the third Thursday of the month, excluding the month of August. This time is referred to as the NCUA blackout period.

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1. Event Details

2. Date and Time of Speaker Participation

3. Location

4. Event Information

5. Event Organizer Contact Information

Privacy Notice

The information you provide will be used to manage the NCUA's participation at events. The NCUA securely maintains all personally identifiable information in its control and only shares it outside of the NCUA if required by law or regulation. For additional information, please contact

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