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Trade, Industry, or Profession Report - 2009 Year End

From 1/1/2009 To 12/31/2009

Region Credit Union Name Charter # TIP Type Pot. Members Date Approved Field of Membership
2 ACBA FED CREDIT UNION (3226) 3226 Occupational 57,674 5/22/2009 Employees who work regularly in the state and local government industry in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
2 DELAWARE STATE POLICE 13791 Law Enforcement Industry 32,948 2/6/2009 Employees of federal, state, county, and municipal agencies or departments engaged in the police protection industry who work in Kent County, Sussex County, and New Castle County, Delaware; Caroline County, Cecil County, Dorchester County, Kent County, Queen Anne’s County, Somerset County, Talbot County, Wicomico County, Worchester County, Maryland; Chester County, Delaware County, Pennsylvania; and Accomack County and Northampton County, Virginia, meaning:

government criminal investigation offices;
police departments;
drug enforcement agencies;
the FBI;
federal police services;
highway patrols;
government marshals' offices;
sheriffs' and constables’ offices (except court functions);
emergency dispatch departments;
state police;
park police;
correctional facilities; and
transportation security agencies,

but not, for example, courts; prosecution offices; parole offices; probation offices; or fire departments.
5 GROSSMONT SCHOOLS 11099  Educational 25,763 3/16/2009 Educational industry employees that work in the Grossmont Union High School district in San diego County, CA. Meaning they work for: an elementary school, secondary school, or post secondary school; a County Superintendent of Schools office; an authorized educational foundation; or a school board, as either employees or trustees.
5 HOTEL AND TRAVEL INDUSTRY 9115 Hotel and Motel 39,700 3/12/2009 Employees who work regularly in the Hotel and Motel Industry, in the state of Hawaii meaning they work for: hotels or motels, except for casino hotels or motels. The industry does not include employees of third party vendors, such as: retail shops, restaurants, travel agencies, car rental companies, golf courses, tennis courts, or health spas, even if located at the hotel or motel. Members of record as of the conversion date of March 11, 2009;

TOTAL of TIPs Approved: 4

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