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Trade, Industry, or Profession Report - 2012 Year End

From 1/1/2012 To 12/31/2012

Region Credit Union Name Charter # TIP Type Pot. Members Date Approved Field of Membership
1 YALE-NEW HAVEN HEALTHCARE 6626 Healthcare 218,895 10/12/2012 Employees, independent contractors, or self-employed persons who work regularly in the Health Care Industry in the Connecticut counties of Fairfield, Middlesex, New Haven, and New London that includes the following:

assisted living facilities that provide health care services;
birthing centers;
blood, organ and tissue banks;
emergency medical care;
ambulatory care providers;
health clinics;
health rehabilitation centers;
health maintenance organizations (HMO) medical facilities;
home health care;
medical and diagnostic labs;
medical transcription services;
nursing homes;
nursing services;
offices of chiropractors, surgeons; dentists, orthopedics; licensed therapists, optometrists, physicians, podiatrists, psychologists, psychiatrists, orthopedists, radiologists, ophthalmologists;
pain centers;
paramedic services;
medical research facilities;
pharmacy services;
rehabilitation centers providing medical treatment.
2 JOHNSTOWN SCHOOL EMPLOYEES 3120 Education Industry 4,968 1/25/2012 Employees who work regularly in the Educational Industry in Cambria and Somerset Counties in Pennsylvania, meaning they work for:

An elementary school, secondary school, or postsecondary school;
A county superintendent of schools office;
An authorized education foundation; or
A school board, as either employees or trustees.
4 AMERICAN AIRLINES 23957 Air Transportation Industry 902,792 2/29/2012 Employees of entities engaged in the Air Transportation Industry who work in the United States, meaning:

employees of airlines or airports;
employees who work directly in the administration, regulation, or security of airlines, airports, or air transportation;
employees of companies that have a strong dependency relationship with airlines or airports who work directly with:

air transportation of freight, including freight forwarding for air transportation;
air courier services;
air passenger services;
airport baggage handling;
commercial airport janitorial services;
commercial aircraft cleaning, maintenance, servicing, and repair services;
commercial airport runway maintenance services; and
on-board airline food services.

The Industry does not include:

employees of retail shops;
employees of restaurants;
employees of travel agencies, online travel agencies, or consumer online travel reservation services;
employees of taxicab companies;
employees of hotels;
employees of car rental companies;
employees of airplane manufacturers;
employees primarily engaged in ground transportation of freight other than freight forwarding for air transportation; or
employees of defense services companies or defense products manufacturers.

TOTAL of TIPs Approved: 3

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