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NCUA Examiners Keep Pace with Change

May 2016
NCUA Examiners Keep Pace with Change

2016 National Exam Program Training More than 18 Percent below Budget

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (May 27, 2016) – As the credit union system grows and changes, National Credit Union Administration examiners are being trained to keep pace and continue to provide credit unions and their members with high-quality service.

The agency’s biennial training program, with the theme of “Making a Difference,” gave examiners and other staff opportunities for the kind of professional development necessary to maintain that level of service.

“More than 102 million credit union members depend on us to protect their money,” NCUA Executive Director Mark Treichel said. “Essential to that responsibility is training examiners to the highest professional levels and educating them about changes in the industry and in technology, so they can apply their skills most effectively. This benefits credit unions, as well, because we’re helping make the examination process itself work more efficiently.”

The 2016 National Exam Program Training provided 900 NCUA staffers with a skills development program that included wide-ranging sessions on cyber security, member-business lending, managing examinations, interest-rate risk and consumer protection issues. In addition, attendees received training in workplace violence and security awareness, workplace diversity and recognizing everyday biases. They also heard from leading experts on emerging trends in cybercrime.

Participants attended both general workshops and break-out sessions that provided opportunities to discuss issues in greater depth and included practical exercises aimed at giving them hands-on experiences.

The “Making a Difference” training program, held between April 4 and April 15 in Denver, came in $404,121 below its Board-approved budget, a savings of more than 18 percent. The 2016 training event cost $128,268 less than the 2014 National Training Conference. A budget summary for the 2014 and 2016 training programs is provided below.

Treichel said attendees left the 2016 session prepared for an environment that poses new and more complex challenges.

“Our field staff are based across the country, and bringing them together in one place not only makes the training process more efficient and cost-effective, but it also gives them more opportunities to share ideas and learn from their professional peers,” he said.

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Total participants includes support staff for the training program. The per diem calculation is based on the General Services Administration’s rate of $69 per day. NCUA paid $139 per night lodging. Travel costs are estimated based on actual costs to date.

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