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NCUA Board Member Hood’s Statement on Senior Advisor Brooks’ Distinguished Service

October 2023
NCUA Board Member Hood’s Statement on Senior Advisor Brooks’ Distinguished Service

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Oct. 12, 2023) – National Credit Union Administration Board Member Rodney E. Hood issued the following statement today on the upcoming transition of his Senior Advisor and former Chief of Staff, H. Lenwood Brooks, V. Next month, Brooks will join the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, spearheading the bank’s government and industry relations functions.

“Lenwood joined the NCUA at a pivotal moment in May 2019 and quickly became a linchpin of my leadership team. His expertise in executive leadership, management, and public affairs, paired with his unparalleled ability to lead our dedicated NCUA career staff, proved crucial, especially at the onset of the pandemic. Lenwood’s role as my Chief of Staff during that challenging period, was pivotal in navigating the unprecedented challenges we faced.

“Throughout my tenure as NCUA’s Eleventh Chairman and currently as a Board Member, Lenwood has been a driving force. Due to the constraints that prevent direct negotiation with my fellow NCUA Board colleagues outside of official agency board meetings, the onus largely falls on our board advisors to find consensus and advance the agency’s agenda. Lenwood’s exceptional tenacity was particularly evident in the progress of many initiatives, including the financial innovation final rule, which the NCUA Board unanimously approved last month.

“Many of my accomplishments are a testament to Lenwood’s dedication, strategic approach, and tireless work. Whether fostering dialogues, building consensus, or ensuring our initiatives align with NCUA’s broader mission, Lenwood consistently delivered.

“As Lenwood transitions into his next role, I am confident that he will continue to champion the values and work ethic that made him such a valued member of my team.”

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