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Corporate Examiner Guide

The Corporate Examiner’s Guide (CEG) provides guidance to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) examiners for performing examinations and supervision of corporate credit unions. The primary goal is to ensure the overall safety and soundness of the corporate credit union system. While the CEG is intended to provide guidance to examiners, it also offers information that corporate credit unions may find useful in understanding the examination and supervision process.

Both state and federal examination staff examine corporate credit unions, depending upon whether the inpidual corporate is state or federally chartered. Federal examiners normally consist of staff from the NCUA’s Office of National Examinations and Supervision (ONES). ONES uses a risk-focused examination and supervision process, which emphasizes ensuring corporate credit union management, identifies, measures, monitors, reports and controls current and projected risk from their operations.

Although the guidance provided in this CEG is dependable, it may not necessarily be the best or final approach in every situation.  The risk-focused examination approach requires examiners to exercise their professional judgment to assess the risk inherent in a given corporate credit union operation and determine the scope of the examination taking into consideration the many variables presented by the inpidual corporate credit union. When examiners determine a safety and soundness concern and/or a regulatory violation exists, they communicate with corporate credit union officials and staff to develop action steps to eliminate the concern(s).

If you have questions that are not addressed in this CEG, you may contact the ONES at 703.518.6640. 

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