Voting Age Requirement

94-0531 / March 1994
Voting Age Requirement

May 31, 1994

Jan Hesalroad
U of C Federal Credit Union
2935 Baseline Road
Boulder, Colorado

Re: Voting Age Requirements (Your May 10, 1994, Letter) Dear Ms. Hesalroad:

You have asked whether a federal credit union's board of directors may set age requirements for voting at the annual meeting. Article VI, Section 7 of the Federal Credit Union Bylaws permits the board of directors to establish a minimum age requirement for voting at annual meetings. This section states that the "board may establish by resolution a minimum age, not greater than 16 years of age, as a qualification for eligibility to vote at meetings of the members, or to hold elective or appointive office, or both." The board of directors may not set a maximum age requirement for voting. As a matter of additional information, we have approved a nonstandard bylaw amendment to Article VI, Section 7 which would permit the directors to establish 18 as the minimum age for holding office.


James J. Engel
Deputy General Counsel

SSIC 3501


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