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Corporate Credit Union Online


Corporate Credit Union Online is a web-based program used by corporate credit unions to submit and certify operational and monthly financial information to the NCUA. The online program contains two sections: Credit Union Profile and 5310 Call Report.

This application works in the following web browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Credit Union Profile

The online Corporate Credit Union Profile section collects specific operational information that is amended occasionally, such as Disaster Recovery Information, Emergency Contact Information, and Information Systems and Technology.

A corporate credit union should frequently review its profile and update information as it changes, particularly for contact information. At least annually, a corporate credit union must review, update, and certify its profile information. A credit union will not be permitted to submit a Call Report when a profile is due for an annual certification.

5310 Call Report

The 5310 Corporate Call Report section of the system allows users to submit current monthly financial information. It also allows users to submit corrected Call Reports for previous reporting cycles. The system design allows users to start a Call Report, save their information, and return later to complete it. Additional online features include:

  • Warnings in the Profile to Help Prevent Errors and Improve Efficiency – Enhanced warnings remind users to enter new information or update existing information, such as outdated audit information.
  • Real Time Call Report Calculations and Edits – Calculations and edits update during data entry.
  • Call Report Historical Warnings – Warnings that compare data between several Call Report cycles update and are available during data entry. This feature will help users catch any inconsistencies or possible errors. Also, the system includes the capability to export errors and warnings to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF.
  • Helpful Tips and Instructions – Helpful data entry tips are included in each section of the profile. Call Report Forms and Instructions are also very easy to access for each cycle within the online system.
  • New User Role – Users can assign employees or Directors a view-only role that gives a user the ability to view a specific credit union’s online information without the ability to edit.

Corporate Credit Union Help

General System Frequently Asked Questions

Instruction Guide

Corporate Credit Union Online Forms

Current Cycle Documents – Please select from below:

If you need to revise previously filed corporate Call Reports and want to view the forms and corresponding instructions for the past four years, please go to the Call Report Forms and Instructions Archive page.

Schema and Account Descriptions for Corporate Credit Union Software Vendors

Corporate Union Online provides the ability to import Call Report data from external sources. Data that is allowed to be imported must be in XML format and adhere to the XML schema published by the NCUA each cycle. Any attempt to import data that cannot be validated by the published schema will be rejected. Corporate Credit Unions and their vendors that wish to import Call Report data should download the appropriate schema from the list below and construct their XML document accordingly. The NCUA also recommends downloading the Corporate Account Descriptions spreadsheet that further describes the accounts being collected for the Corporate Call Report.

Current Year Files

Corporate Call Report Import File Test Utility

Used to determine if an external import file conforms to the published 5310 schema. This will enable corporate credit unions and their vendors to submit an import file through the schema validation. Any problems found will be returned in detailed messages, to help speed up the process of building an import file that will be accepted. Please note that this tool will not perform any actual importing of corporate Call Report data. It is only provided as an aid to credit unions who wish to use the import feature. Access Corporate Call Report Import File Test Utility.

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