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Credit Union Merger Resources

This page provides resources to assist federally insured credit unions voluntarily planning to merge with other federally insured credit unions, including:

  • Frequently asked questions;
  • Part 708b of the NCUA’s Rules and Regulations, which covers mergers of insured credit unions;
  • Agency guidance on member-to-member communications during the merger process;
  • Federal Register notice for the agency’s 2018 final rule;
  • Required “fillable” merger forms; and
  • Tools to help credit unions determine compatibility of their fields of membership and whether compensation disclosure is required;

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will answer general merger-related questions. For inquiries specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit NCUA’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for Federally Insured Credit Unions and Members.

Merger Regulations and Guidance

Part 708b of the NCUA’s Rules and Regulations

Letter to Credit Unions 18-CU-03 – Merger Rule Provisions Including the Member-to-Member (MTM) Communications Process

Final Rule on Bylaws; Voluntary Mergers of Federally Insured Credit Unions

Merger Forms

You may download all the merger forms listed below as a zipped package or select individually.

Merger Package Checklist

NCUA 6302 – Merger Resolution Continuing Credit Union

NCUA 6303 – Merger Resolution Merging Credit Union

NCUA 6304 – Merger Agreement

NCUA 6305A – Notice of Special Meeting of the Members on Proposal to Merge

NCUA 6306A – Ballot for Merger Proposal

NCUA 6308A – Certification of Vote on the Merger Proposal

NCUA 6309 – Certification of Completion of Merger

NCUA 6311 – Probable Asset/Share Ratio Computation Form (Continuing and Merging Credit Unions)

Certification of No Non-Disclosed Merger-Related Financial Arrangements

Additional Tools

Field of Membership Compatibility Matrix – This matrix is applicable if the continuing credit union is federally chartered and helps determine whether the fields of membership for the merging and continuing credit unions are compatible, based on their respective charters.

Merger-Related Financial Arrangement Comparison – Helps determine if the merging credit union is required to disclose any merger-related compensation.

Additional Questions on Mergers

Please contact your NCUA Regional Office with any questions, using the applicable email address or telephone contact information below.

Email Telephone 703.519.4600 512.342.5600 602.302.6000 703.518.6640
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