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Administrative Order: In the Matter of Carlene Bartley

Administrative Order: In the Matter of Carlene Bartley
First Name
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Former Employee
Municipal Credit Union
New York
New York
Docket Number

March 19, 2024


Carlene Bartley

Re: Notice of Prohibition

Dear Ms. Bartley:

The National Credit Union Administration (“NCUA”) is the federal regulator for federally chartered or insured credit unions. The NCUA is aware that on or about September 19, 2023, you were indicted in Nassau County Court on the offense of Grand Larceny in the Second Degree, P.L. §155.40(1). At the time of your indictment, you were employed by Municipal Credit Union, New York, NY. On February 9, 2024, you plead guilty and were convicted of the offense contained in the indictment. State of New York v. Carlene Bartley, Docket Number: IND-72278-23/001.

This letter is to notify you that as a result of your conviction you are subject to the prohibitions set forth in 12 U.S.C. §§ 1785(d) and 1829. As such, without the prior written consent of the NCUA or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, these sections prohibit you by operation of law from becoming an “institution-affiliated party” of any insured depository institution (as defined in 12 U.S.C §§ 1786(r) or 1813(u)), or otherwise participating, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of the affairs of any insured depository institution, and owning or controlling, directly or indirectly, any insured depository institution.

Sections 1785(d) and 1829 impose criminal penalties of up to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000,000 for each day of violation. Should a knowing violation of these sections occur, both you and the institution would be subject to the penalties provided by the statute. These statutes do not prohibit you from being a member of a credit union, or customer of a bank or savings association.

Sections 1785(d) and 1829 provide exceptions and exemptions for certain offenses, however, the offense referenced above does not currently meet the exception or exemption criteria. If you believe that your conviction is not covered by sections 1785(d) or 1829, please contact this office immediately at or 703.518.6540.

Be advised that a copy of this letter will be available on the NCUA’s public website and will remain on the website until the criminal offense referenced above is no longer covered by the statutes.



Frank S. Kressman
General Counsel

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