Liquidation Notice to Creditors of Empire Financial Federal Credit Union

The National Credit Union Administration Board placed Empire Financial Federal Credit Union, 22 Courtlandt St., New York City, NY, 10007, charter # 22344, into involuntary liquidation on March 4, 2022, and appointed itself Liquidating Agent.

All creditors having any claim against Empire Financial Federal Credit Union must submit their completed Proof of Claim to the Liquidating Agent, along with supporting documentation or evidence, by June 13, 2022. All claims or demands must be filed, in writing, and sent to the following physical address, email address or fax number:

Liquidating Agent for Empire Financial Federal Credit Union
4807 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 5100
Austin, Texas 78759
Fax 512.231.7920
Phone 512.231.7900

Claims filed after June 13, 2022, will be untimely. Claims not submitted, or submitted untimely, waive all rights with respect to the claim. Additional information regarding claims can be found at Title 12 of the United States Code at Section 1787(b) and Title 12 of the Code of Federal Regulations at Part 709.

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