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Share and Loan Record Layout Specifications Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Should the loan/share download include closed or charged-off accounts?

No. Ideally, the loan/share download includes only open, active loan and share data. We added field 33, Charge Off Amount, to accommodate files with charge off data or partial loan charge offs.

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What should be entered in a field if no data is available?

Please leave the field blank.

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Are fields fixed in length?

No. You do not have to add leading zeros to meet the maximum number of characters for each field.

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Since we should provide the examiner with a list of the credit union’s loan and share codes, is there a required format (paper vs. electronic)?

No. The goal is to provide the examiner with enough information to properly read and understand the loan/share data.

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All records are tab delimited with a carriage return/line feed at the end of every record. Do we need a tab after the last field before the carriage return/line feed?

Share Record Layout

Does the share certificate account number need to be unique (field 2)?

Yes. You could simply append a sequence number to each certificate account number.

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If a member has a foreign address, do you want it reported?

Yes. You could use the “Other” Street Address (field 8) with up to 30 alphanumeric characters to fit the foreign address information.

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In the case of a rollover share certificate, what should be included in field 12, Certificate Date Granted?

The most recent rollover or renewal date.

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For tiered rate share certificates, what should we include in field 14, Dividend Rate?

Report the highest dividend rate and explain data to the examiner.

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Should we include minimum balances or check holds in field 16, Share Amount Frozen?

No. Only include the dollar amount of shares pledged as collateral for a loan or frozen due to a tax levy, deceased member, etc.

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What is the difference between Last Activity Code, field 17, and Last File Maintenance Date, field 19?

Last activity code identifies the most recent financial transaction (e.g. Withdrawal) and last file maintenance date identifies the most recent date of a non-financial account transaction (eg. Change of address).

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Loan Record Layout

In the past, we included the member’s entire middle name rather than just the middle initial (field 3). Will this cause a problem?

No, but the Member’s Name field is limited to 41 characters.

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Do you want field 12, Loan Term, expressed in a certain segment as in always number of months or should we convert the term to the number of payments per year?

We typically see the number of months in this field. It should correspond with field 13, Payment Frequency Code.

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If our client credit union obtains credit scores from more than one credit bureau, how do we determine the “most dominant” score (field 32)?

Your client credit union should determine which credit score to use in the loan download.

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How should we calculate the number of remaining payments, field 35?

For closed end loans, you can calculate the data based on the time since the loan date and the number of payments that should have been made. We can accept a reasonable estimate for the number of payments remaining. For open end loans, leave field 35 blank.

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For field 33, Charge Off Amount, the layout specifications table indicates a numerical field length of 15 with no decimal places. However, the narrative field description indicates two decimal places. Which format is correct?

AIRES will accept field 33 data with or without two decimal places.

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Please keep in mind the following:

  • All files should be tab delimited with a carriage return/line feed at the end of every record.
  • Do not mix share and loan records within the same download file.
  • Each file must contain only share or loan records. The download files may be split into multiple share and multiple loan files.
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