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Data Exchange Application (DEXA)

Data Exchange Application logo

DEXA is the NCUA’s web-based data ingest tool used primarily by credit unions and examiners to import credit union member loan and share data.

Some of DEXA’s key features include the ability to easily:

  • Import loan and share data files
  • Upload a mapping schema for credit union loan and share type codes
  • Validate data prior to submitting files
  • View the status of submitted files

DEXA is accessible through NCUA Connect, the NCUA’s web-based entry point for agency applications. Contact your organization’s Admin Portal administrator for access. To find out more information about DEXA, refer to the user guide and frequently asked questions.

Contact the NCUA’s OneStop Help Desk for technical assistance at

DEXA: User Guide
DEXA: Frequently Asked Questions
DEXA: Loan Type Map Template
DEXA: Share Type Map Template

Record Layout Specifications and Vendor File Testing

Share and loan data is an important part of the NCUA’s examination and supervision program. Importing this critical data through DEXA provides efficiency in the examination process by allowing examiners to spend more time assisting credit union staff rather than manually evaluating and inputting data. In 2003, the NCUA issued Letter to Credit unions 03-CU-05 – Expanded AIRES Loan and Share Record Layout. With the retirement of the NCUA’s former examination program, AIRES, the NCUA has published the record layout specifications on our website. Additionally, the NCUA updated several record layout specifications, such as the Loan Term, to align with evolving credit union business processes.

The NCUA provides DEXA file compatibility testing for credit union data processing vendors by submitting test loan and share files to the NCUA’s Office of Business Innovation. The NCUA will test the file(s) received from data processors and provide confirmation of success or feedback to resolve any issues. Prior to submitting any test files to the NCUA, please review and consider the following DEXA resource information:

DEXA: Quick Reference Troubleshooting Guide
Share and Loan Record Layout Specifications
Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to submit a loan and/or share file to the NCUA for testing, please contact us at

We highly encourage vendor testing participation as some files accepted by the NCUA’s legacy examination program, AIRES, have been rejected by DEXA. In addition, examiners still receive loan and share files that require manual corrections to conform to our 2003 specifications. Refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for common errors with these files.

DEXA Quick Reference Troubleshooting Guide

The following are common errors seen with the loan and share files.

Data File Issue Resolution
Missing Data Fields At a minimum, files must contain all of the critical and optional data fields in the order listed in the Record Layout specifications (even if the field is blank). Missing data fields will cause a schema validation error when imported into DEXA. If there is a header row, the system will start validating the data fields on the second row of the download file.
Invalid File Types Files must be in a tab delimited file format. The system will not accept other file types such as .csv or .xlsx.
Invalid Character Types Files cannot have invalid character types such as alpha characters when numbers are required and vice versa (e.g., alpha characters in payment frequency or delinquency counter fields).
Header Rows A header row is not required, but DEXA will accept files with a single-row header. It will not accept multi-row headers.
Footer Rows A footer row is not required, but DEXA will accept files with footer rows, regardless of whether they are single or multi-row.
Incorrect Effective Dates All files should be as of the same effective date with correct balances and accrued interest (e.g., credit cards, mortgages).
Extra Columns Between Data Columns Files cannot contain any extra columns in between the critical and optional data columns.
Extra Spaces Before or After Text If the download file contains blank text spaces in the Loan or Share Type Code fields, this can cause errors importing the data. For example, a loan type code of UV with spaces after the ‘V’ are not easily identifiable and will cause a mapping validation error.
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