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Information for New Credit Union Senior Executives

NCUA strongly encourages coordination and ongoing communication between examination staff and credit union leadership. When there are changes in senior management, your NCUA examiner will reach out to make introductions and answer any questions you may have.

If you are a new senior executive, in particular the CEO, CFO, or executive with responsibility for the NCUA examination, we encourage you to contact your examiner if they haven’t yet made contact with you. Contact information for your district examiner, supervisory examiner, and regional office can be found on the cover letter of the credit union’s last examination report. You may also contact your applicable regional office to obtain contact information for your district examiner and supervisory examiner. Please see NCUA’s contacts page to identify your regional office.

Your initial interaction with your examiner can be used to:

  • Confirm contact information and preferred communication methods
  • Obtain information about the NCUA’s examination and supervision process, including generally what to expect during your next examination
  • Receive information and points of contact for other NCUA activities related to field of membership changes, how to obtain a low-income or minority depository institution designation, or access to other services from NCUA
  • Ask any questions you may have about NCUA guidance, regulations, or other topics of interest to you

Ongoing communication is extremely important for establishing rapport and effectively managing the relationship between examiners and credit union officials. NCUA encourages examiners to communicate with credit union management on a regular basis, and not just instances when there are problems. For more information on NCUA’s expectations for examiner communications with credit unions, please refer to the Interacting with Credit Union section of NCUA’s Examiner’s Guide.

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