Misleading Advertising

96-0735 / July 1996
Misleading Advertising

July 23, 1996

Lawrence Barnaby, President
Hayward Community Credit Union
P.O. Box 432
Hayward, Wisconsin 54843

Re: Misleading Advertising (Your July, 18, 1996, Fax)

Dear Mr. Barnaby:

We are responding to your complaint that a document sent to your credit union by Credit Union Information Service (CUIS) mimics official NCUA documents. The document is entitled "Regulatory Alert" and is dated July, 1996. NCUA does not publish a document entitled "Regulatory Alert" nor does it endorse this publication. You may wish to send your complaint to CUIS, the publisher of the "Regulatory Alert." We previously raised our concerns with them and they did make changes to their advertisements. We did take note of the similarity between the envelope covers used in CUIS and NCUA mailings. A side-by-side comparison is enclosed.


Richard S. Schulman
Associate General Counsel


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