Misleading Advertising

96-0745 / July 1996
Misleading Advertising

Edna M. Hickman
District 08 Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 872, 3300 MacArthur Drive
Alexandria, LA 71309

Re: Misleading Advertising (Your July, 25, 1996, Fax to the Inspector General)

Dear Ms. Hickman:

We are responding to your telephone call and complaint to NCUA's Inspector General regarding an advertisement entitled "Regulatory Alert" that was mailed to your credit union by Credit Union Information Service ("CUIS"). You stated that this document looks like an official NCUA publication. Several months ago, we received several complaints regarding CUIS's use of NCUA's Letter to Credit Union format in an advertisement mailed to credit unions. We brought the complaints to their attention and advised them that we believed such practices were misleading. (See enclosure).

We incorrectly stated in a response to a recent complaint (see enclosure) that NCUA did not publish a "Regulatory Alert." This letter does correctly state that NCUA does not endorse the CUIS publication. I am enclosing a copy of NCUA's April 1996, "Regulatory Alert" for you to compare with the CUIS advertisement. Apparently, as it did before, CUIS intentionally designed this new advertisement to look like it came from NCUA to get your attention. We believe it would be helpful if you filed a complaint directly with CUIS.


Richard S. Schulman
Associate General Counsel

SSIC 3000
cc: Sandy Keith, OIG
Lawrence Barnaby, Hayward Community Credit Union
Joe Newberry, Kansas Department of Credit Unions


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