Pro Forma Financial Statement Template For Community Charter Conversion or Expansion

The template is optional and can be used in conjunction with the NCUA templates for a Business and Marketing Plan (standard or streamlined) associated with a request to expand a community charter or convert to a community charter.

The template shows items the NCUA suggests a credit union include in pro forma financial statements for at least the first 24 months after converting to community charter. The third column is optional for an additional 12 months of financial projections. This template is provided for informational purposes, and can be used to facilitate accurate projections (totals and ratios are automatically calculated as data is entered).

The NCUA’s Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion (CURE) can provide a Pro Forma Financial Statement Template complete with historical financial data for your credit union. To request this, contact CURE’s Division of Consumer Access at


Pro Forma Financial Statement Template

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