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Board Action Memorandum - 2024 Annual Performance Plan

TO: NCUA Board

FROM: Chief Financial Officer

DATE: January 10, 2024

SUBJ: 2024 Annual Performance Plan

ACTION REQUESTED: Board approval of the 2024 Annual Performance Plan.


OTHER OFFICES CONSULTED: All Regional and Central Offices



RESPONSIBLE STAFF MEMBERS: Deputy Chief Financial Officer Melissa Lowden, Supervisory Budget Analyst Jim Holm, and Management Analyst Lindsey Courage in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer

SUMMARY: The 2024 Annual Performance Plan (APP) provides specific direction and guidance toward achieving the NCUA’s mission and the strategic goals and objectives outlined in the NCUA’s 2022–2026 Strategic Plan.

The 2024 APP and the 2024–2025 budgets were developed simultaneously. As part of the 2024 APP and budget development process, offices justified how new and recurring projects and additional staffing requests would further the purpose of the NCUA’s strategic goals and objectives. Staff also identified specific performance indicators that demonstrate the results of budgetary investments. The 2024 APP, in combination with the resources approved in the 2024–2025 budget, demonstrate how the NCUA will execute the agency’s Strategic Plan.

As the agency begins its third year implementing the 2022–2026 Strategic Plan, the 2024 APP provides interested stakeholders with transparency and understanding of the NCUA’s performance objectives. This 2024 APP sets out a streamlined set of performance goals, outcome-oriented performance indicators, and associated targets in support of the goals outlined in the agency’s Strategic Plan and is reflective of the agency’s priorities for the coming year. The 2024 APP also describes the means, strategies, and specific actions the agency has resourced and intends to undertake to achieve each strategic objective.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: The Board approve the NCUA’s 2024 Annual Performance Plan.

ATTACHMENT: NCUA 2024 Annual Performance Plan

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