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NCUA Reaches Record Score for Overall Employee Satisfaction

October 2016
NCUA Reaches Record Score for Overall Employee Satisfaction

Agency Again Receives High Marks in Annual Federal Employee Survey

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Oct. 26, 2016) – The National Credit Union Administration reached its highest score ever for overall employee satisfaction in the 2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

NCUA scored 73 percent in the survey’s Global Satisfaction Index, making it one of the federal government’s best-performing agencies in terms of overall employee satisfaction. The high score reflects NCUA’s efforts to improve employees’ engagement with their jobs, the agency and its mission.

NCUA Board Chairman Rick Metsger said the 2016 survey results reflect the agency’s ongoing efforts to be an employer of choice and a model workplace, providing an environment that offers respect for individuals and opportunities for professional development.

“Knowing NCUA’s employees look forward to coming to work every day is a source of great personal satisfaction for me,” Metsger said. “We have more than 1,200 hard-working, dedicated professionals who regularly will go the extra mile, will look for ways to be more productive and who consider their work important. NCUA is committed to continuing to foster an atmosphere in which our people feel trusted, respected and motivated.”

The Global Satisfaction Index measures four areas of employee satisfaction: jobs, pay, organization and whether employees would recommend their agency as a good place to work. The overall federal government score for global satisfaction was 61 percent. NCUA ranked sixth in that category among 37 federal departments and large agencies with at least 800 employees.

Other significant findings in the 2016 survey of NCUA employees include:

  • 96 percent of respondents said they are willing to put in extra work to get a job done;
  • 93 percent said they constantly look for ways to do their jobs better;
  • 92 percent said their work is important; and
  • 88 percent said they are held accountable for achieving results.

NCUA was recognized as one of the top three agencies in its peer group in practicing fairness and empowering employees. The agency also received high marks for promoting balance between employees’ work and personal lives.

NCUA scored 73 percent in the Employee Engagement Index, which measures employees’ commitment to their organization and its mission. That was 8 points higher than the overall government score. A higher score indicates that an agency’s workforce is more innovative, productive, committed and satisfied.

The agency scored 67 percent on the report’s New IQ Index, which measures employees’ views on workplace inclusion, cooperation, and empowerment. That was 9 points above the overall score for the federal government.

More than 400,000 federal employees took part in this year’s survey, and the results report is available on the Office of Personnel Management’s website.

NCUA is often recognized for promoting a high-quality work environment and satisfaction among its employees, including the Partnership for Public Service’s annual Best Places to Work in the Federal Government report.

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