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NCUA’s Employee Satisfaction Rating Improves in “Best Places to Work” Report

December 2016
NCUA’s Employee Satisfaction Rating Improves in “Best Places to Work” Report

Strong Ratings for Teamwork, Effective Supervisor Leadership, Skills Matching

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Dec. 19, 2016) – The National Credit Union Administration showed improvement in several important areas of employee satisfaction in the Partnership for Public Service’s 2016 “Best Places to Work” report.

“People do their best work when they like their work and feel respected where they work,” NCUA Board Chairman Rick Metsger said. “We are committed to maintaining that kind of professional environment at NCUA. All our employees share one very important mission: protecting the hard-earned money of more than 106 million credit union members. By providing a workplace that offers fairness, opportunity and fulfillment, we help them succeed in that mission. We continue to make this a priority for the agency, and we will continue to look for ways to do a better job addressing employees’ needs and goals.”

NCUA’s overall employee satisfaction score was 71.9, up from 71.7 in 2015. The agency’s rank among mid-sized federal agencies—those with between 1,000 and 14,999 employees—was ninth out of 27. NCUA’s rankings improved in nearly every category, including employee empowerment, innovation, training and development, and work-life balance.

The 2016 report, released Thursday, also found that NCUA, compared to other mid-sized agencies:

  • Ranked second among veterans;
  • Ranked third among Hispanics, African-Americans; and
  • Ranked fourth among women, men, and employees with disabilities.

This is the eleventh edition of the “Best Places to Work” rankings; the first was published in 2003. The reports are based on data from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. More than 421,000 federal workers participated in the 2016 survey, including 661 NCUA employees.

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