Enforcement Actions

In working to protect the credit union system and the Share Insurance Fund from losses, NCUA employs several supervisory tools and enforcement actions depending on the severity of the situation. Some of these tools include letters of understanding and agreement, administrative orders and consent orders.

Administrative Orders

The NCUA issues Administrative Orders when it finds that a credit union or persons affiliated with a credit union have violated a law, a rule or regulation, or engaged in an unsafe or unsound practice.

Letters of Understanding and Agreement

A Letters of Understanding is essentially a contract between the NCUA and a credit union, its officials or both, in which the credit union or officials agree to take, or not take, certain specified actions. NCUA also requires Letters of Understanding for newly chartered credit unions, and to grant permanent special assistance.

Consent Orders

NCUA assesses civil monetary penalties against credit unions that fail to file a Call Report on time. Here are lists of credit unions that agreed to civil monetary penalties for not submitting their quarterly Call Report information by the filing deadline.

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