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Financial Technology and Digital Assets

The NCUA’s Financial Technology team identifies and addresses barriers, challenges, and opportunities for the credit union industry to use technology in a productive and safe and sound manner consistent with consumer financial protection and other compliance requirements. This technology includes, but is not limited to, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and digital identification.

The NCUA’s Financial Technology team also explores the use of technology and innovation to enhance the examination and supervise on processes. Furthermore, the NCUA engages various internal and external stakeholders to foster financial inclusion and address the financial inequities experienced by minority, under-resourced, and unbanked communities.

Emerging and innovative financial technologies, including artificial intelligence and digital assets, present opportunities, and risks to the credit union system. The NCUA is committed to supporting the credit union system as it navigates the changes financial technology and other innovations are bringing to the financial services industry. The agency will ensure NCUA policies, regulations, and guidance appropriately address emerging financial technology through studying emerging financial technology and its adoption by credit unions, facilitating discussions between credit unions and financial technology providers, and working with credit unions that want to use technology solutions to operate more efficiently and expand access to safe, fair, affordable, and equitable financial services.

The link below, Frequently Asked Questions About Share Insurance, provides responses to questions the NCUA received regarding custody and share insurance coverage for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Additional questions regarding financial technology and digital assets can be emailed to

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