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DEI Summit 2023 Speakers

  • ""

    Miguel Boluda Jr.

    PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union


  • Janis Bowdler

    Janis Bowdler

    U.S Department of the Treasury

    Counselor for Racial Equity

  • Shelley Brown

    Shelley Brown

    International Speaker

  • Candice Cook

    Candice Cook

    Department of Justice

    Chief Diversity Officer

  • Pablo DeFilippi

    Pablo DeFilippi


    Executive Vice President

  • Bethany DeSalvo

    Bethany DeSalvo

    U.S. Census Bureau

    Senior Demographic Statistician for Small Area and Longitudinal Estimates

  • Melinda Briana Epler

    Melinda Briana Epler



  • Catherine D. Galicia

    Catherine D. Galicia


    Chief of Staff

  • Michael Green

    Michael Green

    PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

    Director of Business, Community Development, and SEG Development

  • Adam Grundy

    Adam Grundy

    U.S. Census Bureau

    Supervisory Statistician

  • Todd M. Harper

    Todd M. Harper



  • Kyle S. Hauptman

    Kyle S. Hauptman


    Vice Chairman

  • Natasha C. Hewlett

    Natasha C. Hewlett

    NCUA, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

    Credit Union Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager

  • Rodney E. Hood

    Rodney E. Hood


    Board Member

  • Blanche L. Jackson

    Blanche L. Jackson

    Stepping Stones Community Federal Credit Union


  • Jonah Kaplan

    Jonah Kaplan


    Senior Program Manager Office of Consumer Credit

  • ""

    Kristi Kubista-Hovis

    NCUA, Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion

    Director of Resources

  • Natasha McAdoo

    Natasha McAdoo


    Program Coordinator (ACCESS)

  • ""

    Gerardo Meza

    NCUA, Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion

    Program Analyst (Credit Union Development)

  • Barbara Mojica

    Barbara Mojica

    National Association of Latino Credit Unions and Professionals

    Executive Director

  • Carmen Morales

    Carmen Morales

    Embassy of Mexico

    Director for Hispanic Affairs

  • Matthew Nixon

    Matthew Nixon

    NCUA, Office of Consumer Financial Protection

    Director of Fair Lending Supervision

  • Lesley Paulus

    Lesley Paulus

    PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

    IRA Specialist

  • Arun Pillutla

    Arun Pillutla

    Patricia VanBruwaene College of Business

    Professor, CU Board Member, Associate Dean

  • James Pogue

    James Pogue

    JP Enterprises

    President, CEO

  • Miguel A. Polanco

    Miguel A. Polanco

    NCUA, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion


  • Terry Ratigan

    Terry Ratigan


    Senior Consultant

  • Shaara Roman

    Shaara Roman

    The Silverene Group

    Founder, CEO

  • Jaqi Ross

    Jaqi Ross

    NCUA, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

    Deputy Director

  • Shankar Vedantam

    Shankar Vedantam

    The Hidden Brain Podcast


  • George "Chip" Walker

    George "Chip" Walker

    U.S. Census Bureau

    Special Assistant Emergency Management, Equity and Economics

  • Charles White

    Charles White

    Pelican Credit Union Member

  • Tiffany White

    Tiffany White

    Pelican Credit Union Member

  • Annette Zimmerman

    Annette Zimmerman

    Primeway Federal Credit Union


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