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Executive Order Establishes New Agency Seal

December 2017
Executive Order Establishes New Agency Seal

New Design Reflects NCUA’s Critical Role in Promoting Financial Stability

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Dec. 11, 2017) – President Donald J. Trump has signed an Executive Order establishing the new official seal for the National Credit Union Administration, the agency announced today.

“As a federal regulator and insurer, one of the NCUA’s essential responsibilities is to maintain confidence in the nation’s system of cooperative credit,” NCUA Board Chairman J. Mark McWatters said. “The new seal readily and clearly conveys confidence and security, and identifies the NCUA as an integral part of the federal government. I’m grateful to President Trump for signing this order.”

The new seal replaces the current NCUA seal, which was created through Executive Order 11580 signed by President Richard M. Nixon in 1971. It also brings the agency’s seal more in line with the official seals of other federal financial services regulators.

The revised design incorporates the following elements, symbolizing the NCUA’s safety and soundness mission:

  • The eagle and shield from the Great Seal of the United States indicates clearly the NCUA’s role as an agency of the federal government;
  • The three blue stars above the eagle represent the three-member NCUA Board;
  • The agency’s name in white on a blue background on the crest of the shield matches the federal share insurance sign that all federally insured credit unions are required to display;
  • The circle on the seal includes the agency’s name, as well as the year, 1934, in the lower portion of the circle. This reflects the signing of the Federal Credit Union Act and the creation of the federal credit union system that year;
  • The oak branch in the eagle’s left talon is symbolic of the NCUA’s strength, honor, and longevity in carrying out its mission of promoting confidence in the national system of cooperative credit; and
  • The olive branch in the right talon is symbolic of peace and prosperity, which demonstrates the vital role the nation’s credit unions play in fostering economic growth by providing essential and affordable financial services to millions of Americans.

Over the next several months, the NCUA will incorporate the new seal on its public websites, publications, official letterhead, facilities and other material. Logos and signage for the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund are not affected by this change.

Board Member J. Mark McWatters
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