Legal Opinions

As a public service, and in an effort to help credit unions, lawyers, and others that have an interest in the legal issues affecting federally insured credit unions understand the statutes and regulations administered by the NCUA better, we publish certain staff legal opinions and interpretive letters going back to 1991. 

Users can search our legal opinions by the year it was issued, by its subject and by title or keywords.

The NCUA has not attempted to identify or publish all, or even most, letters on a particular subject prior to 1991, and there may be other letters that have not been selected for publication. Similarly, we generally do not review opinions or letters once they have been published for the purpose of flagging or removing those that may have become outdated, superseded or discredited, or that may have been revised, modified, revoked or suspended. Further, the letters’ conclusions may be limited to specific facts stated in the letters and do not necessarily apply to circumstances involving different or additional facts.  

The NCUA's Office of General Counsel is available to assist the public in determining whether a particular interpretation or opinion remains correct. You can contact the Office of General Counsel at or 703.518.6540.