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CUSO Registry


Credit union service organizations or CUSOs are required to provide financial information to the NCUA through the online CUSO Registry. Additionally, CUSOs must update and reaffirm their listings in the system annually.

To access the CUSO registry and submit information, go to the CUSO Registry Link

CUSO Registry Help

Materials including instructions, quick guides, and the CUSO Registry User Manual can be found in the “Help” section of the CUSO Registry.

Training Webinars

CUSO-Related Letters to Credit Unions:

NCUA’s Commitment to the Security of CUSO Data

The Freedom of Information Act and the NCUA’s FOIA regulations, as well as the applicable exemptions, apply to the information a CUSO submits to the NCUA. The NCUA anticipates that a CUSO may submit information that includes trade secrets and privileged or confidential commercial or financial information. We are committed to securing this data as required by FOIA, and will not release such information to the public. The NCUA will share CUSO information with state supervisory authorities that have signed information-sharing agreements with the agency.

Searching the CUSO Registry

The public can access the following information on registered CUSOs through the CUSO Registry’s search function. Additionally, the NCUA releases data on CUSO services and locations annually.

  • Legal name and any trade names (DBAs);
  • CUSO Registry number (assigned by the NCUA);
  • Services offered;
  • Address (physical if different from mailing address);
  • Public website address (if provided by CUSO); or
  • Public phone number (if provided by CUSO).
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