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Unclaimed Deposits

When a credit union with federal insurance is liquidated, the NCUA's Asset Management and Assistance Center is responsible for paying the share accounts to the members.

Invariably, some items may remain unclaimed. Some checks are never cashed; or the credit union's address information was incomplete. There are also cases when we don't have a recent address and are unable to get a forwarding address from the post office.

Share accounts claimed within the 18-month insurance period are paid at their full-insured amount. At the expiration of the 18-month insurance period, shares that are not claimed are considered uninsured and written down to share in the loss to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Even if shares are uninsured when they are claimed, there may still be a distribution.

On rare occasions, the liquidation of a credit union may result in surplus funds. If a surplus remains, a distribution to the shareholders is required. This may occur several years after the credit union is liquidated and it is sometimes difficult to locate these members.

If you believe the NCUA may be holding funds for you, please review our current list of unclaimed deposits:

Unclaimed Deposits Listing

If you find your name in the list and currently, or at one time, lived in the city or state indicated, and you had funds in the referenced credit union, please download and complete our member verification form:

Download Member Verification Form

If you're not sure if you are the person listed, fill out the top half of the form only. We will use your social security number and signature to identify you. If you are certain that you are the person listed, fill out the bottom half of the form and have it notarized.

Please send the member verification form to our Asset Management and Assistance Center.

Asset Management and Assistance Center
4807 Spicewood Springs Road
Suite 5100
Austin,TX 78759
Phone: 512.231.7900
FAX: 512.231.7920

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