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DEI Summit 2024 Speakers

  • Shelley Brown

    Shelley Brown

    Shelley Brown Official

    CEO and Author

  • Todd M. Harper

    Todd M. Harper



  • Kyle S. Hauptman

    Kyle S. Hauptman


    Vice Chairman

  • Natasha Hewlett Mann

    Natasha Hewlett Mann

    NCUA, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

    Credit Union Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager

  • ""

    Kristi Kubista-Hovis

    NCUA, Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion

    Supervisory Program Manager

  • Tanya F. Otsuka

    Tanya F. Otsuka


    Board Member

  • Miguel A. Polanco

    Miguel A. Polanco

    NCUA, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion


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