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Financial Education Curriculum

01-FCU-06 / September 2001
Financial Education Curriculum
Federal Credit Unions
Financial Literacy
Federal Credit Unions
Financial Education Curriculum

The National Credit Union Administration recognizes the importance of financial education and supports the efforts of credit unions that are able to offer such programs. Credit unions seeking to provide financial education may wish to consider using the program outlined below in designing or obtaining financial education materials.

A financial education curriculum called, "Money Smart" was developed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to help adults outside the financial mainstream build financial knowledge and develop positive relationships with financial institutions. The free program consists of 10 training modules covering basic financial education topics, such as; use of savings and credit services, and budgeting. Each module includes an instructor guide, overheads, sample promotional flyer, and a take-home guide for participants.

Although the terminology used throughout the series is not specific to credit unions, the curriculum addresses the basic financial education needs of consumers. Because there are no copyright restrictions, credit unions may adapt the materials as desired.

You may also order the brochure or a copy of the curriculum from the FDIC Money Smart voice mailbox at (202) 942-3404, or by faxing a request to (202) 942-3098.



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