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NCUA to Begin Phase 2 of Resuming Onsite Operations

22-CU-06 / April 2022
NCUA to Begin Phase 2 of Resuming Onsite Operations
Federally Insured Credit Unions
NCUA Operations/Activities
Federally Insured Credit Unions
NCUA to Begin Phase 2 of Resuming Onsite Operations

Dear Boards of Directors and Chief Executive Officers:

In July 2021, the NCUA announced the implementation of Phase 1 of its phased approach to returning to onsite operations in Letter to Credit Unions, 21-CU-06. Based on new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force, the agency will enter the second phase (Phase 2) of resuming its onsite operations on April 11, 2022.

Phase 2 permits NCUA staff to volunteer to work onsite, including conducting examination and supervision work at credit unions located in counties with low or moderate COVID-19 community levels, as defined by the CDC. Onsite work in counties with high COVID-19 community levels may be allowed when necessary and with prior approval from NCUA management.

During Phase 2, the agency will continue to conduct examination steps offsite when feasible and appropriate. When scheduling examinations, the NCUA will continue to take into account any challenges a credit union is facing, such as the availability of key staff, and will work with credit union management to identify a suitable time to conduct the examination.

The well-being of agency staff and credit union employees remains a top priority of the NCUA. NCUA staff working onsite in credit unions will generally be expected to follow credit union policies related to safety, to the extent they exceed the NCUA’s safety protocols for Phase 2.1 Also, the NCUA will continue to maintain heightened safeguards in the agency’s facilities to ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors.

The agency will continue to monitor the course of the pandemic closely and adjust workforce safety plans, as necessary. We will notify credit unions of any changes to the agency’s operating posture. If you have questions, please contact your NCUA regional office.



Todd M. Harper


1 NCUA staff will be expected to follow credit union policies to the extent that they do not conflict with local, state, or federal laws, unduly infringe on employee rights under NCUA regulations or policies, or restrict access to the credit union’s books and records. Additionally, NCUA staff will coordinate with state supervisory authorities when working onsite in federally insured, state-chartered credit unions.

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