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Select a Credit Union Name

Select a Credit Union Name

Under the General Information section, select a name for the PFCU and provide at least one alternative name in the event we are unable to reserve your first choice. The NCUA will reserve a PFCU’s name provided it:

  • Is not already being officially used by another federal credit union;
  • Includes Federal Credit Union as the last three words in the name;
  • Will not be confused with the NCUA, another federal or state agency, or with another credit union; and
  • Does not include misleading or inappropriate language.

You can research and identify credit union names already in use using NCUA’s Research a Credit Union search function. Type in your preferred name, and if there is no match, you can request the name be reserved for your use.

Once you receive written confirmation the name has been reserved for your use, you must notify the NCUA of any changes you wish to make to a reserved name prior to chartering.


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