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Design the Membership Survey Form

Design the Membership Survey Form

Each PFCU organizing group should design a membership survey form that gathers enough information to aid in developing and supporting the products and services set forth in the business plan along with pro forma financial projections and related assumptions. A membership survey needs, for example, to gather such information to:

  • Gauge the level of interest in the PFCU;
  • Determine the number of individuals willing to join the credit union immediately after it is chartered;
  • Determine the amount of initial deposits you can expect as well as the amount of monthly deposits thereafter (without this information, you will be unable to create reasonable financial projections);
  • Establish the types of products and services needed;
  • Determine the types of products and services to offer and when to offer them;
  • Decide what the PFCU office hours will be; and
  • Recruit volunteers to serve as officials and on committees.

A sample of a simple membership survey and cover letter that PFCUs can use to customize a survey to meet their needs is found here.


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