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Activity 1 – Conduct Pre-Planning Activities

Activity 1 – Conduct Pre-Planning Activities

Survey and Analysis of Potential Membership

The membership survey is an important step in the chartering process. The data gathered from the survey will help you determine the level of interest in and support for the PFCU and better understand the specific financial needs of the membership, how they might use the credit union, and which products and services to offer and when. The results of the membership survey drive the business plan and financial projections and support the reasonableness and achievability of the projected outcomes. The survey results must clearly indicate support for a new federal credit union and its proposed services.

Survey Recipients and Distribution

To ensure that the results captured from the survey provide an accurate view of the PFCU’s potential membership and its needs, it is important to consider to whom and how your survey will be distributed. The Conduct the Membership Survey section covers this topic in more detail and provides an example illustrating how to obtain a statistically valid random sample.

Evidence of Member Support

The organizing group is responsible for describing and summarizing the membership survey results and analyses and detailing the financial services the membership needs. The Summarize the Results section covers this topic in more detail and provides an example illustrating a membership survey analysis.


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