Call Report Modifications

06-CU-19 / December 2006
Call Report Modifications
Federally Insured Credit Unions
Call Report
Federally Insured Credit Unions
Call Report Modifications

Dear Manager and Board of Directors:

The enclosed schedule details all of the changes to the Call Report, 5300 Form for the December 2006 reporting cycle. We will continue to post any future changes as soon as they are available.

Material changes are normally made each March to NCUA’s 5300 Call Report form for the upcoming year. However, due to NCUA’s final rule to amend Share Insurance and Appendix, Part 745, changes were made for the December 31, 2006 reporting period. The details of the insurance coverage are provided in the enclosed schedule. The final rule was approved in September 2006 and is available on NCUA’s website.

In order to ensure NCUA’s Insured Savings computation on page 4 of the 5300 Call Report is properly completed, eight new accounts were added to the computation section. Also, ten new tracking accounts were added to page 3 of NCUA’s 5300 Call Report. The tracking accounts on page 3 include accounts held by member and nonmember government depositors, employee benefit member shares and deposits (pass-through), and 529 plan deposits.

These 5300 revisions will enable NCUA to properly track the new insurance coverage changes. Your cooperation in helping us improve the efficiency of NCUA’s data collection program is appreciated.



JoAnn Johnson



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